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Interesting piece from Bloomberg on the CFPB.  Find it here.

Great article from Vox on the two different directions the Democrat party can head from here. The article is here.

David Axelrod philosophizes on the two different paths the Democrats can take: the Elizabeth Warren Way or the Cory Booker Way

The Elizabeth Warren way is #ProgressivePopulism; breaking up banks, raising wages and universal health care. All policies which would benefit the people Trump claims to want to help. Each one of those would be a tough, grinding fight against special interests.

The Cory Booker way is more love-focused and less confrontational. I don’t see this as a viable option. Not standing up to Trump will only embolden him. Tough times require tough people.

The nature of our politics has become more negative over time. As inequality and global tensions worsen, it is hard to see how love will pull a 180 and win the day.

I want Elizabeth Warren in my trench.

Angry voters want angry candidates, as we saw in 2016. #ProgressivePopulism is the way forward.

I would definitely support a Warren/Booker ticket!



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