Paul Krugman gives a solid NYT review of Elizabeth Warren’s new book “This Fight Is Our Fight“.


  • Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist, calls her views “Enlightened Populism”.  A smart term which accurately defines Warren’s ethos.  An even better term might be “Progressive Populism”.
  • Krugman agrees with some of her positions being Democratic and some walking the edge:
    • He agrees that a New Deal type of stimulus is agreed on by most Democrats
    • He disagrees that wealth inequality is something that all Democrats want to face head-on.
  • Krugman argues Warren’s position is left-of-center on two fronts: both in terms of market intervention (higher minimum wage, stronger unions) with progressive taxation and social spending.
  • Krugman overall appreciates the “muscular, unapologetic” approach to Progressivism.

After 4 years of Trumponomics, there is a very good chance people will be begging for *real* populism, Progressive Populism.

Full review here: