Guest Essay – Generation of Women Appreciate Elizabeth Warren

Guest Essay – Generation of Women Appreciate Elizabeth Warren

A glowing and beautiful guest essay from Kathleen Valley Stein in the The San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Find it here.

Kathleen really resonates with Elizabeth Warren’s message for a number of reasons.

A couple of great excerpts:

A young women reading this today may not believe that people like Elizabeth and me were told, by our own mothers no less, that we shouldn’t step outside society’s boundaries. Our generation faced a culture that pounded home the message that that is where we belonged — at home. We knew better, and we went for it.

Since the 2016 election, most women are worried about the aggressive attacks on our rights, particularly our reproductive rights, led primarily by old men. I recently asked a friend, who is in her early 80s, why she had three kids in rapid succession. She looked at me, incredulous: “Kathleen, there was no birth control!”

The world is very different now than it was in 1949. We who stand up today are not novice feminists. We are accomplished women with a track record, a clear vision of the future and a long memory of the past. We are a strong-willed, determined bunch and will not go back, no matter how hard some political forces push. We worked too hard, for too long, to go back.

Elizabeth and I both have grown daughters. I am certain she told her daughter what I told mine when she was growing up: Spread your wings and fly.

A very moving, powerful piece.

Thankfully, #ShePersistsed

Elizabeth Warren Persists

Elizabeth Warren Persists

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