Elizabeth Warren – Memorial Day Op-Ed

Elizabeth Warren – Memorial Day Op-Ed

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A beautiful and very poignant essay by Elizabeth Warren on Memorial Day.

The link is here.

Some of the highlights:

Student loan giant Navient systematically overcharged servicemembers on their student loans for years, violating the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. After the Education Department initially failed to hold Navient accountable, I pressed the agency to conduct a full review of how Navient and all other contractors were following the law. I eventually helped secure refunds for more than 80,000 military borrowers — an important step toward providing our men and women in uniform the relief they have earned.

Here’s the way I see it: If someone has the training and experience to drive a truck in the Army under some of the most challenging conditions imaginable, that person has the skills needed to operate a commercial truck on our highways. States and the federal government should work together to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy to make transitions like this and others easier and cheaper. Employers and veterans both will benefit from streamlined licensing and credentialing processes.

I learned about the values of military service from my three brothers, and as senator from Massachusetts, I’m deeply proud of the men and women in uniform who sacrifice for our commonwealth and for our nation every day. On this Memorial Day, let’s honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country by strengthening and upholding our promises to America’s veterans and their families.

Smart, strong and compassionate!

Such a great essay.  Happy Memorial Day!


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