Elizabeth Warren vs. America Rising

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As reported earlier here, the Republicans are so scared of Elizabeth Warren they are actually *raising money* to try and stop her.

America Rising, a Republican opposition research group, is fundraising based on its belief that Elizabeth Warren is the next Hillary Clinton.  The full link is here.

“We’re very proud of the fact that America Rising spent four years holding Hillary Clinton accountable, helped defeat her, and [that] a Republican was elected president,” Pounder told BuzzFeed News in an email. “We fundamentally see Elizabeth Warren the same way we viewed Clinton: The leader of the Democrats who needs to be stopped. We’re not only focused on the 2018 map at America Rising, but also 2020.”

This is so great on a number of levels.

It shows that Elizabeth Warren is not only considered a real threat but that she’s striking fear into their hearts.

This is just another example of how fearful the Republicans are of a strong, competent woman.

They know a fighter when they see one.




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