Elizabeth Warren – Will She Run in 2020?

Great interview with Bloomberg.  A must-watch.  Watch it here.

She is definitely not ruling out a run but focusing on the here and now.  Smart.

At the 3:40 mark, the questions start regarding a run for 2020.

Reporter: What do you actually put into that decision? The biggest decision you can make…

Elizabeth Warren: It’s a very thoughtful question but I actually have to put this in a temporal place. I’m not running for President, I’m running for my re-election for Senate in 2018 and I announced very early because I want people to know that I am all-in.

I gotta tell you, what scares me right now is what Donald Trump is going to do this evening. What he’s going to do tomorrow morning. What he’s going to do during the day tomorrow. The fight that we have got to be in, as a country, has got to be what’s going on RIGHT NOW. In healthcare, in tax policy, in financial regulation, in infrastructure investment, in student loans and education.

Donald Trump is truly poised to deliver the knockout blow to America’s middle class and if we’re not all engaged in the fight, and when I say all, I don’t mean just all the folks in the Senate, or even all the Democrats. I mean all the people.

If we’re not all engaged in that fight every single day and if we’re not drawn into it and making our voices heard, this country could fundamentally change in a way and it would happen on our watch and I believe that we have a moral responsibility to make this country one again that builds opportunities and makes investments for our future and our kids and our grandkids and it doesn’t mean a few of them, it means all of them.


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