Elizabeth Warren Speaks Her Mind on Afghanistan

Elizabeth Warren Speaks Her Mind on Afghanistan

Elizabeth Warren is back from Afghanistan and speaking her mind.

Some great quotes which shows she really understands the severity of the conflict, the urgency to move forward and exit while still respecting the complexity.

“No one on the ground believes there is a military-only solution in Afghanistan. No one,” she said. “From the heads of state to the young man who walked us from one building to another in the embassy compound. No one — people at the forward operating base to anyone we stopped.”

“The Trump administration needs to define what winning in Afghanistan is and how we get to that,” the senator added. “They owe it to the deployed forces to provide the American people with a comprehensive, whole-of-government strategy that has not only a military angle, but also an economic and diplomatic plan.”

These are the exact types of quotes you see from a real leader.

Another gem:

Warren said she “committed to do my homework” when she joined the Senate Armed Services Committee, hiring policy experts for her staff and seeking out “extra reading and extra policy briefings from our government” and outside experts.

Imagine that!  Someone that is humble, hard-working and acknowledges the need to do homework, rather than assuming they know everything!

It’s encouraging to see someone as bright, thoughtful and intelligent as Elizabeth Warren spread her wings and take on more responsibility with foreign policy.

She is making us proud!


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Elizabeth Warren in Afghanistan

Elizabeth Warren in Afghanistan

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