Elizabeth Warren says CEOs should fight GOP Healthcare Bill

Elizabeth Warren says CEOs should fight GOP Healthcare Bill

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Interesting article by Elizabeth Warren herself in Forbes magazine.  Find the article here.

Very simply put, the benefits of fighting this bill are numerous:

Healthcare costs have slowed their growth to a historically low level

Spending growth has slowed to a crawl for individuals enrolled in private insurance and has actually dropped for Medicare enrollees. When employers pay less to provide healthcare coverage for their employees, they are able to invest in job creation or higher wages. Lower costs, more growth.

State governments benefit

State governments would lose hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicaid funding and be forced to cut back on their own health spending—weakening the economy in the near term and permanently removing key stabilizers that help cushion the impact of economic downturns.

Healthier, more financially stable and secure workers

Personal bankruptcy filings have plummeted since the implementation of the ACA, and credit scores have improved in states that have expanded Medicaid. Stronger customers, stronger sales.

And finally, a phenomenal ending where she ties it all together and holds their feet to the fire:

America’s CEOs are not a shy group. They usually don’t hesitate to speak up when they see their profits on the line. I hear from them frequently about regulations they don’t like or legislation they insist they need. Every day of the week, the Senate halls are filled with corporate lobbyists. In short, corporate America has plenty of influence—when it decides to speak out.

Now is the time for some corporate leadership. Which of America’s CEOs are up to the task at hand?

Elizabeth Warren Health Care Editorial

Elizabeth Warren Health Care Editorial


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