Elizabeth Warren on Democracy

Elizabeth Warren on Democracy

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A blog about Elizabeth Warren and her Persistence

Great article by Elizabeth Warren in Cosmopolitan, find it here.

Democracy isn’t about paying a little attention once every four years and then tuning out after the election. It’s about getting involved and staying involved. And that’s the great thing about this kind of activism. There isn’t a finite supply of it. If anything, becoming engaged actually breeds more engagement. And when you’re involved, your neighbors or your roommates are more likely to join you.

This is what is so great about Elizabeth Warren. Not only does she fight every-single-day on important issues but she is out there rallying the troops, good days and bad. Slow news days or fast. When her team is winning or losing. This relentlessness and competence is what our country needs badly.

Fighting for the world we live in, the world we believe in, isn’t always easy. We won’t win every battle. But persistence requires a ferocious optimism. It requires a willingness to put yourself on the line. And when we fight — as an army filled with hope and fierce determination — we make a difference …every single time.



Elizabeth Warren on Democracy

Elizabeth Warren on Democracy

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