Elizabeth Warren Leads The Resistance

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Awesome piece in TIME about Elizabeth Warren leading The Resistance.  Find it here.  So many awesome bits and pieces, give it a read.

Strangers have been flashing their fresh ink at the Massachusetts senator ever since Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell interrupted her on the Senate floor in February. McConnell’s admonishment for speaking out of order—”She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted”—has become a feminist mantra among Warren fans, fit for body art.

The #ShePersisted moment really touched a lot of us.  Her speech + resistance was the inspiration for this site, after all!

In recent months, Warren has aimed her sharp-edged colloquialisms at the White House, railing at Trump for delivering a “gut punch” to “America’s working people” and of days in Washington that make her so angry “I could spit.” Warren told an audience at a progressive conference in the capital last week that “money slithers through Washington like a snake.” That is the kind of soapbox rhetoric that elicits eye-rolling on Capitol Hill. It’s also the campaign message of the last two candidates to win the presidency.

So true!  Her acerbic wit and smarts are a deadly combination.  She can definitely use her Progressive Populism to connect with those on the far-left, center and even libertarians.  Her attitude is also something her base loves.  She will definitely not be a “low-energy Jeb”.

Doesn’t that sound like encouragement to run for president?

“Well, it sounds like encouragement to make a change here in Washington,” Warren responds. Which doesn’t sound like a no.

I love it!  Such a solid, principled candidate who has her base fired up.  No wonder she is the face of #TheResistance.


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