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Elizabeth Warren has done a great job standing up for small businesses, even banks.

This article describes how she does it.

Unlike some Progressives who bash business non-stop and don’t see its value, Elizabeth Warren sees the benefit of honest companies providing goods, services and jobs.

Senator Elizabeth Warren — a strong backer of D0dd-Frank and the architect of the CFPB that came from it — told reporters that Democrats would be willing to pursue targeted changes to the law for small financial services institutions, but that she and her colleagues would fight long and hard against changing laws to roll back consumer protections or to help big banks.

Bingo, Elizabeth Warren gets the challenges small businesses face but doesn’t waver from her role as consumer advocate.

“There are places where we should do targeted changes in laws and regulations to make sure community banks don’t have to endure regulations…for problems like disrupting the entire U.S. economy when they really don’t pose that kind of threat,” Ms. Warren said.

In addition to being a consumer advocate, Elizabeth Warren shows she’s also a sensible capitalist by helping small businesses grow.


Elizabeth Warren loves small business, #ShePersisted

Elizabeth Warren loves small business, #ShePersisted

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