Elizabeth Warren and the Gun Lobby

Elizabeth Warren and the Gun Lobby

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Great article from The Intercept about Elizabeth Warren and her latest brush with the gun lobby.  Link is here.

She, along with more Senate Republicans than Democrats(!) have put forward a bill which would make it easier to have access to personal sound amplification systems (PSAPs) in lieu of hearing aids.
Hearing aids are one of the most regulated, protected and expensive areas of the health care marketplace.  As such, hearing aids are too expensive for more than 80% of the hearing impaired.
Gun rights advocates say that this bill is an attack on hunting (?!) which would allow the FDA to regulate sound amplification devices frequently used by hunters.
The heart of the matter is right here:
“In the past, anti-gun senators like Warren have used any pretext, however attenuated, to interfere with hunting and the exercise of Second Amendment rights,” the GOA letter reads. “And we can only interpret this legislative initiative to be the most recent of these.”
Translation: Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians all working together to lower the cost of hearing aids somehow equals a cloaked attempt to infringe of hunting rights!
This type of pressure from lobbyists isn’t anything new but is a solid reminder that there are powerful forces working against the best interests of the American people.  They are turning a bill which would help people get access to hearing aids and turning it into something it isn’t (a gun grab).
Another gem:
Jodi Follweiler, who owns and runs JLF Hearing Aid Sales & Services in Kutztown, Pa., is a strong supporter of Warren, but is torn on the bill. “I get why she’s doing it, and if I weren’t in the industry I’d probably support it. But it’s going to kill me,”
Translation: I like corporate welfare, red tape and pointless laws when they benefit me and me only!
These are the types of entrenched interests she is fighting everyday.
If you don’t have enemies, you don’t have character

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