Elizabeth Warren – Fearless

Great article from NewBostonPost highlighting Elizabeth Warren’s courage to call things as she sees them.

By gently calling out Obama and being called out by President Trump, she is definitely staying in the public eye.

“I think President Obama, like many others in both parties, talks about a set of big national statistics that look shiny and great but increasingly have giant blind spots,” she told the news outlet. “That GDP, unemployment, no longer reflect the lived experiences of most Americans. And the lived experiences of most Americans is that they are being left behind in this economy.


“You’ll have plenty of those Democrats coming over and you’ll say, ‘no, sir, no, ma’am.’ It may be Pocahontas, remember that? And she is not big for the NRA, that I can tell you.”

Her visibility will pay dividends with both Progressives and Centrists when people are hungry for change in 2020.

This is Elizabeth Warren at her best.  A true fighter that calls it as she sees it.


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