Elizabeth Warren Drains The Swamp

Elizabeth Warren Drains The Swamp

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Elizabeth Warren has formally asked Gary Cohn, formerly of Goldman Sachs, to recuse himself from a privatization scheme.  Find the article here.

This is yet another example of Elizabeth Warren doing what she does best: roll up her sleeves and fight for the little guy.

Privatization schemes can work, but often don’t. Have Gary Cohn, Chief Economic Advisor, have his hands on this deal is bad news. As a former Goldman Sachs banker, it is obvious that this would be a huge conflict of interest. That hasn’t stopped the Trump Administration but hopefully, Elizabeth Warren’s vocal demands will.

Senators Chris Van Hollen and Sherrod Brown have also joined her in this fight.

“Big banks like Goldman Sachs are salivating at the prospect of privatizing America’s roads and bridges and taking a big cut for themselves,” Warren said in a statement to IBT. “Gary Cohn must recuse himself – he promised to recuse himself from any matter directly related to Goldman, and it’s clear that this issue could be worth a fortune to Goldman.”

Grateful we have a fighter and winner from Massachusetts who won’t back down!


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