Elizabeth Warren Center for American Progress’s Ideas Conference

At the Center for American Progress’s Ideas Conference, four notable Progressive women spoke briefly about their ideas.

The Center for American Progress’s Ideas Conference is often seen as a useful testing ground for campaign ideas and themes.

New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand brought up family leave. Minnesota Senator Amy Globuchar discussed economic policy. California Senator Kamala Harris talked about our failing war on drugs and Elizabeth Warren stuck to her reliable area of expertise, getting money out of politics.

She gets much love from NY Magazine for her speech:

She ended her speech with an energetic spiel against Trump in an oratory style that could be called presidential. “It is time to resist, it is time to fight back, and it is time to be clear about what we believe in,” she said, adding, “I have news for Donald Trump: No matter how much he might admire Vladimir Putin’s Russia, here in America, we will embrace and defend democracy, and we do that by demanding that everyone in our government is held accountable, even the president of the United States.” She was met with a standing ovation, and her wave of acknowledgement wouldn’t have looked out of place on the campaign trail.


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