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Another day, another amazing Elizabeth Warren consumer advocacy story!

This is exactly the type of hard work Elizabeth Warren does day-in, day-out.

Thankless, effective oversight.

No drama, no grandstanding, no attention-seeking; just constant vigilance and looking out for the little guy.

The full article is here.

CNBC reported that Warren sent a letter in May to Acting Inspector General Glenn Fine at the U.S. Department of Defense calling for an investigation into the company’s government contracts.

Elizabeth Warren takes on TransDigm, #ShePersisted

Elizabeth Warren takes on TransDigm, #ShePersisted

Warren, who is a member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, writes, “I have also been monitoring reports that suggest TransDigm Worldwide has used a variety of tactics to avoid sharing cost information with the government for parts for which it is the sole source supplier. These reports further show that TransDigm has unreasonably raised prices on many parts shortly after completing acquisitions of the companies that produce them.”




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