Elizabeth Warren and the Truth in Settlements Act

Elizabeth Warren and the Truth in Settlements Act… somewhat boring but VERY important!

An issue that should be close to everyone’s heart – clamping down on corporate welfare, is something that is being led by none other than Elizabeth Warren.

She has introduced the Truth in Settlements Act to increase transparency of Federal Agency Settlements.

The Truth in Settlements Act will require more accessible and detailed disclosures about settlement agreements so that the public can better understand the agreements the federal government is making on their behalf.

Just one egregious example: The Department of Justice (DOJ) and other entities recently settled a case with JPMorgan Chase for $13 billion. However, it appears that approximately $11 billion of the settlement amount will be tax deductible, which reduces the ultimate value of the settlement to the taxpayer by up to $4 billion.

Imagine that – get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and you get to keep 31% of the cookies you stole!

It is stories like these that fuel Elizabeth Warren and her fight against corporate greed and welfare.  This issue, while not breaking news, is very important and shows that she is quietly hard at work for the American taxpayer.

These types of stories will only grow in relevance as inequality continues to increase and people view the health care debacle as the result of corporate fraud.

Elizabeth Warren’s unappreciated, detail-oriented work is the stuff that helps working families more than flowery speeches.  Let’s hope voters keep this in mind and keep her in D.C. for a long time!

Her brand of #ProgressivePopulism will lead the day in 2020.


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