Elizabeth Warren and the GOP Health Care Bill

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Kudos to Elizabeth Warren, and her colleague Ed Markey, for standing strong and defending the ACA, Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare.  Great article here.

She is shining a light on the secretive GOP who is creating an alternative bill; one much worse for working families.

“The Republicans negotiate in secret, behind closed doors; they refuse to allow anyone to see the bill; they won’t tell anyone what’s in it…No hearings, no reviews, no public look at what the Republicans are up to. What’s going on here? I’ll tell you what’s going on: Senate Republicans don’t dare let the people back home see this bill,” she said. “They don’t dare let voters see this bill.”

Elizabeth Warren is a smart lady. She knows secrecy and back room deals don’t mean good things for Americans.

“When a pope dies, the cardinals meet in secret to select the next pope. A white cloud goes up in smoke,” he said in a floor speech. “When Senate Republicans meet in secret to craft a health care bill, coverage for the sick, the disabled and the elderly that’s what goes up in smoke — all of that coverage.”

So true.

I am grateful she is fighting for all of us and that she’s smart, vigilant and persistent!


Elizabeth Warren and the GOP Health Care Bill

Elizabeth Warren and the GOP Health Care Bill

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