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Interesting piece from Bloomberg on the CFPB.  Find it here.

Interesting piece by Bloomberg on the CFPB.  Find it here.

The future of the CFPB, Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild, is in jeopardy.

Democrats defend the CFPB, the brainchild of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, as a Wall Street watchdog necessary to advocate for ordinary Americans in the aftermath of the worst economic downturn in 75 years. They say it’s returned nearly $12 billion to customers who’ve been shortchanged.

Imagine that… gutting an agency that returns billions to defrauded customers.  It is disturbing to think that such a valuable, necessary agency would turn into a political football.

Despite Cordray’s optimism, congressional Republicans have tried to clip Cordray’s wings by threatening to overturn rules he approves. That could let banks off the hook on policies they dislike, such as a rule that would make it easier for consumers to sue their banks.

Cutting off an agency that does valuable work is almost as bad as defunding or eliminating it.  It ought to be expanded.  Consumer protection is not a partisan issue.

But even if Trump decides to let Cordray serve out his term, which ends in July 2018, Republicans will likely get a chance to name his replacement and shape how the agency works.

Very disappointing.  Republicans have already shown that they DO-NOT-CARE about regular citizens, as evidenced by their tax bills, health care bills and, now, this.

This type of stunt to harm a valuable and useful agency will come back to haunt the Republicans and help Elizabeth Warren.

In an age of rapidly increasing income inequality and lack of high-paying jobs, people are looking for a leader with a track record of success and a strong spine.

Elizabeth Warren has both.

She can win in 2020 if the Democrats rally behind her.  Her actions have put voters, taxpayers and families first, not corporations and special interests.  This article proves it.



Thank You Elizabeth Warren for the CFPB

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