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A great article at The Intercept about Elizabeth Warren and her brush with debt collectors.  The article is here.

The article breaks down the harrowing, incessant debt collection phone calls that are received by debtors as well as people unlucky enough to inherit their old phone numbers.

“This went on for maybe four or five years [before] I finally thought, I’m gonna track this down and make this stop,” the former Harvard law professor said. “So I tried — and I could never figure out who I was talking to and each time they’d assure me it was going to be fixed. And each time I’d get another collection call within the space of a few hours.”

Warren never played the senatorial card — What good would it do? — but she did try a few different approaches, she said. “I told them I was a lawyer and that I did debt collection law and that they could not still be calling on a debt that was this old. And I would try to throw out a few legal phrases and they did absolutely no good. Zero, none,” she said.

Maddening.  There’s no worse feeling than helplessness.

It made her think back to her seminal study on bankruptcy. In their survey of people who’d gone through bankruptcy, Warren and her colleagues asked what the factor was that had pushed them toward filing. “A huge number of people responded, ‘To stop the collection calls. They call in the morning, they call at night, they call day long, they call my cell, they call my office, and I can’t live like this anymore.’ I got just a little taste of that personally.”

I’m glad that this bothers Elizabeth Warren on such a visceral level.  This type of inhumane treatment from debt collectors should bother everyone.  No one deserves the indignity of never-ending phone calls.

I’m glad she’s on the side of the good guys.


Elizabeth Warren vs. Debt Collectors

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