Elizabeth Warren 2020 Chatter

Great article from Rolling Stone about Elizabeth Warren and a potential run in 2020.  Find it here.

The article really highlights her skills as a consumer advocate and anti-corporatist.

The money line is here:

“Over the past few decades, money has fundamentally re-oriented our democracy,” she goes on. “Money slithers through Washington like a snake – and I’m not simply talking about giant bags of money exchanging hands in dark alleys. I’m talking about the dozens of perfectly legal ways that the super rich and giant corporations use their cash and their influence to rig the system and to get government to favor their interests over the interests of everyone else.”


This linguistic kill-shot coupled with her bona fides as a consumer advocate will work wonders in 2020.

With healthcare costs exploding and the 1% pulling away from the pack, people will be desperately looking to Elizabeth Warren as an agent of change.



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