Elizabeth Warren 2017 UMass Amherst Commencement Address

This weekend Elizabeth Warren delivered a phenomenal commencement address at UMass-Amherst.

She steered clear of any 2020 requests but did make an impassioned plea for advocacy.

Two of the best paragraphs are below.  Read the full speech in its entirety here.

Each generation must rebuild democracy to serve its own time and its own needs. The World War II generation faced challenges that were different from those of the Vietnam era generation—and each shaped and rebuilt democracy differently. Your generation faces huge challenges—sharp differences that divide this nation along deep fracture lines, intergenerational challenges that have saddled young people in this country with an unprecedented $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, an economy that is producing great wealth for the top ten percent and locking everyone else out.

America needs your commitment, and, here’s the thing, you need the commitment. Advocacy— getting involved in issues you care about and fighting for them—can reshape our country, and I guarantee it will reshape you. No matter what other work you do every day, if you find the issues that matter to you and you get in the fight, you will build a life with more heart flutters and fewer “don’t make me move” moments. You will build a life that is deeply worthwhile. Take it from me, someone who wakes up every day energized and ready to jump in! Except the morning after I played the Elizabeth Warren drinking game.


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