Does Elizabeth Warren need to “woo” Progressives?

Interesting piece from the Observer which states that Elizabeth Warren has work to do to match the liberal chops of Bernie Sanders.

A few quibbles include not endorsing Sanders, lukewarm resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline and for defending Clinton after her loss in the general election.

I’m not buying it.

These criticisms are easily debunked.

  • Throwing her support behind Sanders, whose noble, yet highly unlikely candidacy was not a non-Progressive move.  It makes sense to let the voters decide and then rally the base around the elected candidate.
  • Elizabeth Warren made many powerful statements on Standing Rock.  I’m not sure what people expect.  It doesn’t get any clearer than this.
  • Elizabeth Warren hardly defended Clinton as much as pointed out true weaknesses in the Democratic party for not rallying hard enough and getting the message out.

Elizabeth Warren is a fighter and the best fighter Progressives have!

Her around-the-clock focus on eliminating inequality, helping working families and consumer protection speaks volumes.


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