Who is Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren is the Senior Senator from Massachusetts, a Progressive Democrat and a lifelong advocate for working people.  She has been a lifelong Progressive and is one of the most accomplished Senators currently serving our nation.


What does Elizabeth Warren stand for?

Elizabeth Warren has made a career out of defending the rights of working people and fighting back against the negative influences and power of big business.  She has stood up to Wall Street CEOs, Big Pharma, payday lenders and even members of her own Democrat Party.


She has embraced her role as a government watchdog and instrumental to the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector.  With her prolific background in law and intimate knowledge of finance, she was uniquely positioned to be a strong consumer advocate and champion the causes of various consumer, labor and civil rights organizations.


Elizabeth Warren has accomplished quite a lot in her career in both the public and private sector.  With more financial recklessness, big business driven deregulation and more potential crises on the horizon, the American people need her expertise now more than ever.


What did Elizabeth Warren do before public service?

She has excelled as a mom, an elementary school teacher, a college law professor and an author.  Elizabeth Warren came from modest beginnings and has risen to become one of the most influential people in Washington D.C.


Her story begins in Oklahoma where she grew up babysitting, waiting tables and helping her middle-class family get by.  Her father, a janitor, suffered a heart attack which led to a combination of high medical bills and fewer working hours.  Eventually, this led to an inability to make car loan payments and repossession.  It is likely this type of a setback that fueled her desire to fight for the protection of working families.


How did Elizabeth Warren get into politics?

Elizabeth Warren spent much of her career in academia.  Not content to simply lecture, she rolled up her sleeves and did on-the-ground research based on studying how people respond to laws in the real world.  Her extensive experience analyzing court records, and interviewing judges, lawyers, and debtors, established her as a rising star in the field of bankruptcy law.


After professorships at Rutgers University, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University Law School, her career began to steer towards public policy.  Due to her sterling reputation as a scholar and a professor, Elizabeth Warren was asked to advise the National Bankruptcy Review Commission, FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion, National Bankruptcy Conference and the American Law Institute.


What legislation has Elizabeth Warren introduced?

Elizabeth Warren has proven to be one of the most effective and influential Senators in Washington D.C.  She has directly sponsored over 100 pieces of legislation and co-sponsored over 900 others.


Elizabeth Warren’s legislation focuses and prioritizes privacy for individuals, transparency from our corporations and elected representatives, coverage and assistance for our most vulnerable citizens and, above all, her specialty, consumer protection.


What is Elizabeth Warren like?

Her fans in the Bay State know that she is a fan of our local teams, a true representative of its citizens and a distinguished public servant.  Elizabeth and her husband, Bruce Mann, have three grandchildren and a dog!